What is giclée printmaking?

Giclée is a word that often gets tossed around these days by anyone with a digital printer and a roll of paper. But the true Giclée printmaking process— creating an archival-quality, limited edition fine art reproduction—is not as easy, or as simple as it sounds.

It all begins with the capture. We have a photography studio featuring a Better Light 4×5 Scan Back System to achieve unparalleled direct digital capture of large original art. We also have several other options for high resolution captures including a 50 megapixel Canon DSLR camera as well as several flatbed scanners for transparencies and small reflective art.

At Nocerino Editions, we use only the finest archival inks and substrates to achieve museum quality prints. And our equipment is capable of a preciseness that allows us to achieve very fine detail. At every stage in the printmaking process, we closely manage color to achieve a final rendering that’s as close to the original as the technology will allow.

From scanning to proofing to the final print, nothing less than perfection will do at Nocerino Editions.

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