The Giclée Printmaking Process

The first, and perhaps most important step in creating a Nocerino fine art reproduction is converting your original artwork into ones and zeros. And our highly experienced staff does just that using a Better Light 4×5 Scan Back System in our giclée printmaking process.

Better Light scanning backs are responsible for more and more of the world’s highest quality fine art reproduction. Large format has always been the preferred camera for art reproduction — the larger the format, the better the reproduction of detail from the original. Our Better Light 4×5 scanning back provides digital capture quality superior to large format film or any other digital camera system.

Better Light’s pure RGB pixel data captures billions of accurate colors with outstanding detail and clarity. Superior resolution, coupled with the lack of film grain and accuracy of focus, exposure, and tone control, make Better Light’s first-generation digital files closer to perfection.

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Creating the digital file is only the first giclée printmaking process step involved in creating a spectacular fine art print. After we scan the image it goes to our experienced team of color professionals who adjust digital levels and curves. Proofs are generated, further adjustments are made, and the process is repeated until we are certain you’ll receive the most accurate color rendering possible.

At Nocerino Editions, we create our fine art reproductions on the most advanced Epson printers using only Epson archival pigment inks. We can print on a variety of substrates including canvas, photo paper and a wide variety of fine art papers. We have the capability of printing up to 60″ on the short dimension.